IJAS and IJAV: Alarming infringement of the law and journalist code of ethics in presidential election campaign

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Press release

The Independent Journalist Association of Serbia (IJAS) and the Independent Journalists’ Association of Vojvodina are deeply concerned about the media reporting in the presidential election campaign and they have concluded that the situation in the media is dramatically bad and that it is declining even further.

Unfortunately, vast majority of the media are violating the journalist code of ethics on a daily basis, along with the laws of this country, by creating biased reports, spreading fear and panic and being a tool in the hands of the authorities used for defaming their political rivals and even calling for lynching.

By broadcasting such reports, the media are assuming great responsibility for possible social turbulences, which can be caused by such reporting and treatment of both the profession and reality.

It is with deep regret that IJAS and IJAV conclude that, at this moment, there is no efficient mechanism for preventing the misuse of media and improving the situation in the media, exactly because the state and its bodies are the generators of the problems.

Belgrade – Novi Sad, 11th March 2017

Independent Journalist Association of Serbia
Independent Journalists’ Association of Vojvodina

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