IJAS and IJAV: Will the international community react to the gruesome abuse of the media in Serbia?

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Press release

The Independent Journalists’ Association of Serbia (IJAS) and the Independent Journalists’ Association of Vojvodina (IJAV) demand from the community of democratic countries and international organizations to take a stand on the horrific abuse of media in Serbia done by the government, which reached its peak during the presidential election campaign this spring.

All researches and analysis on general media scene in Serbia and on media reporting during the election campaign that were done in the previous period, indicate that (almost all) media in Serbia are under direct infuence of the government and are not free. This is an extremely dangerous social and political phenomenon that can lead to very serious social turmoil and even war. Media are currently being the instrumentation in the hands of the authorities, they are drastically violating all professional and ethical standards, and are being the part of the corruption chain.

The silence of the international community about the suppression and abuse of the media and the usurpation of democratic institutions can be seen as a support for the creation of open dictatorship in Serbia, which has nothing to do with European values.

IJAS and IJAV firmly believe that citizens of Serbia have the right to live in a democratic country with a free press, and we are aware that they must fight for this kind of society themselves, but the role of international community in all these processes is extremely important.

Belgrade, Novi Sad, Republic of Serbia, 2017/03/31
Independent Association of Journalists’ of Serbia
Independent Journalists’ Association of Vojvodina

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