IJAS and IJAV: Government following in the footsteps of Pink and Informer

20. Sep 2017

Press release The Independent Journalists’ Association of Serbia (IJAS) and the Independent Journalists’ Associat…

Media Associations: New phase of media freedom suffocation and intimidation of journalists

19. Sep 2017

Press release Journalists’ and media associations are warning the citizens and international institutions that the…

IJAS and IJAV: Shutting down of “Vranjske” – consequence of constant political pressures

19. Sep 2017

IJAS and IJAV believes that closing of the “Vranjske” weekly, one of the best and most respected local newspapers in the country - is a direct consequence of long-standing political pressures on media freedom and an intimidating news for media professionals

IJAS and IJAV: Will the international community react to the gruesome abuse of the media in Serbia?

08. Sep 2017

IJAS and IJAV demand from the community of democratic countries and international organizations to take a stand on the horrific abuse of media in Serbia done by the government, which reached its peak during the presidential election campaign this spring

Associations: Political judgment of the Belgrade Appellate Court against the Independent Journalists’ Association of Vojvodina IJAV

16. May 2017

Press release from journalists’ and media associations regarding the scandalous judgment of the Appellate Court in Belgrade

Journalistic Network: Hounting season on journalists in full swing

17. Apr 2017

An informal initiative of journalists from post-Yugoslav countries, strongly condemns the apparently politically motivated mass threats and insults that are coming these days to the President of the Independent Journalists' Association of Vojvodina Nedim Sejdinovic and requires the Authorities to react immediately, especially as these threats through social networks arrived from persons who did not hide their identitiy

IJAS and IJAV: Threats to the President od (IJAV) Nedim Sejdinovic are a result of the atmosphere of violence created by the government

15. Apr 2017

The Independent Association of Journalists’ of Serbia (IJAS) and the Independent Journalists' Association of Vojvodina (IJAV) inform the public that the President of IJAV, Nedim Sejdinović, has received a large number of threatening and insulting messages in the past two days, through social networks, among which are those that can be considered a serious threat of death.

Civic Vojvodina strongly condemns the political persecution of journalists

12. Apr 2017

Press release A coalition of NGOs, Civic Vojvodina, believes that the attack at journalists, done by the Head of the par…

Press and Media Associations and Organizations:  The Assembly and the Prosecutor’s Office to respond to Martinovic’s attack on journalists

12. Apr 2017

The press and media associations and organizations strongly condemn the act of the Head of the parliamentary group of Serbian Progressive Party (SPP) in the Assembly of Serbia Aleksandar Martinovic

IJAS and IJAV: Alarming infringement of the law and journalist code of ethics in presidential election campaign

11. Mar 2017

The Independent Journalist Association of Serbia (IJAS) and the Independent Journalists’ Association of Vojvodina are deeply concerned about the media reporting in the presidential election campaign and they have concluded that the situation in the media is dramatically bad and that it is declining even further

IJAV protests because of the intimidation of a journalist of VOICE

24. Jun 2016

Journalist from Vojvodina Investigative-Analytical Center of Novi Sad, Maja Živanović has been accompanied by two men in the morning on the streets of the town